Galloni Prosciutto

Two criteria direct Fratelli Galloni’s production of their impeccable prosciutto – maintaining top level quality and upholding Italian authenticity. This is formalised by their membership within the voluntary Parma Prosciutto Consortium.

Salting is still carried out by hand in accordance with traditional methods, the smearing process is repeated twice or three times as necessary for optimal results and ageing takes place in cellars where ventilation is almost completely natural.

Galloni pigs are selected to meet stringent standards of weight and maturity from national breeds. Only pigs that are fed naturally and meet rigorous health requirements are chosen. Characteristic features of sweetness, fragrance and flavour identify the prosciutto produced as top tier and authentic.

This prosciutto is also distinguished by its large size and long ageing (15 months at least versus the 12 months required minimum).

Galloni prosciutto is seen in the most esteemed restaurants and charcuterie retailers, including Harry’s Bar in Venice; Villa D’Este in Cernobbio; Harrod’s in London; Balducci’s, Citarella, Dean & Deluca and Cipriani in New York.

Angus Hume


Senior Graphic Designer