Poltergeist Gin, Two Ways

Shene Distillery are a small but passionate team that pride themselves on being a historic site with modern ideas. They are the first distillery in the world to release one gin, two ways. Poltergeist is distilled from an eclectic mix of twelve botanicals, including Tasmanian pepperberries, lemon myrtle and macadamia nut, then bottled by hand in Tasmania by Head Distiller Damian Mackey.

Poltergeist, A True Spirit is a fragrant, crisp blend of flavours and aromas in Tasmanian take on the London dry style. To balance carefully selected ingredients, it has been filtered to ensure each is able to shine on the palette.

Poltergeist Unfiltered retains the full spectrum of flavours and aromas coaxed from their botanicals, and will please gin lovers looking for a powerful, mouth-watering nose and a taste that is big, bold and striking. It’s good enough to wear behind your ears.

Poltergeist is best served with fine company, gossip and in the dead of night. It is dedicated to Gamaliel Butler, the squire of Shene Estate, for enjoyment with friends.


Angus Hume


Senior Graphic Designer