Belgrove Distillery Handcrafted Whisky

Belgrove's handcrafted Rye and Oat Whiskys.

Belgrove's handcrafted Rye and Oat Whiskys.

We're proud to showcase Belgrove Distillery founded by Peter Bignell, sixth generation Tasmanian farmer. Belgrove Distillery is not only the first rye distillery in Australia but is the only biodiesel powered still in the world. These whiskies are all hand made using an alembic pot still. This type of still is very inefficient at extracting alcohol, but craft distillers exploit that inefficiency to bring exciting flavours along with the alcohol. All their production decisions are based on flavour and nose, not volume. Rye is also a low yielding grain compared to barley, It also yields less alcohol, but it produces a huge amount of flavour. 


Angus Hume


Senior Graphic Designer