Shene Distillery

Shene Estate is the ostentatious country residence of early colonialist Gamaliel Butler. Shene’s colourful past has direct links with King George III, Governor Lachlan Macquarie and World Heritage Sites.

Today, in addition to being a family home it is also home to the Shene Estate Distillery. The Kernke family privately conserves this historic site and are passionate about sharing the story of Shene Estate. 

Shene Estate Distillery are inspired by the process of alchemy. The never ceasing quest to create something rare and unique from the most humble of ingredients. It is this fixation with alchemy that has helped our Head Distiller Damian Mackey capture their handcrafted Poltergeist gin. It is dedicated to Gamaliel Butler and his vision for the country estate.

Shene Estate Distillery’s spirits are infused with new flavours and experiences, but preserve the essence of traditional distillation practices. They use only copper pot stills made by Tasmania’s own master still-maker Peter Bailly. The Shene Distillery is home to Tasmanian's largest copper pot still producing their single malt Mackey Whisky.

Nonesuch Distillery

Nonesuch Distillery

Located on the beautiful island state of Tasmania, Nonesuch produce premium distilled spirits and liqueurs. Every product is crafted to create unique and memorable flavour profiles that epitomises their philosophy of quality over quantity.

A great spirit isn’t great because of the building that houses the still, a fancy label or presentation box. A great spirit is a great spirit because of the quality of the raw ingredients, the constant improvement of the process and the care given to it during production. They call that the love factor and that is what makes Nonesuch spirit great.

So they only make a limited number of bottles per batch and they are only bottled when they are ready and never a day before. So while you might not always be able to find your favourite Nonesuch tipple, as soon as a batch is ready, you should savour it with a smile.

Tequila Arette

In our distillery we use the extraordinary water from the wellsprings of the Tequila volcano.

"EL LLANO" is one of the oldest distilleries in the region that still produces tequila. It is located in the heart of Tequila and operated by the Orendain Brothers, descendents of one of the most recognized families in the tequila Industry.

The agave used in the production of Arette is exclusively cultivated in fields on the outskirts of the town of Tequila, Jalisco Mexico. This agave has relatively high fiber and low water content for a more full-bodied tequila. The Orendain brothers have always prioritized quality over quantity—they follow their grandfather’s footsteps by preserving the original artisanal practices and continue the family legacy of the highest quality Tequila.


McHenry Distillery

William McHenry Distillery rests on the side of Mount Arthur and is located on the Tasman Peninsula. The purest air can be found in this part of the world. The cold air wraps around the globe on the latitude 43°, leaving South America without crossing another land mass, until it eventually finds its way to the southern tip of Tasmania some 17,000km later. In that time the cold air and wave whipped ocean have stripped out all but the distant memory of man’s influence.

McHenry Distillery is Australia’s southern-most whisky distillery and with its family heritage makes it the southernmost family run distillery in the world.  Its southern location takes advantage of the cool-moist-maritime environment, giving the maturing spirit the right conditions to make the most of its time in the wooden barrels. The property also has its own abundant pure spring water which becomes the heart of the developing spirit.


Hartshorn Distillery Shows the Whey

Hartshorn Distillery is a new Tasmanian micro distillery making boutique batches of Vodka and Gin from their own sheep whey. A world first. They are the smallest distillery in Australia making small 10 bottle batches using a 50L glass column still. Each bottle and label is hand painted by head distiller Ryan. All their spirits are unfiltered meaning you can enjoy a spirit with more character and complexity.
Ryan and his family run Grandvewe Cheeses in Birchs Bay located deep in Tasmania’s south. When making cheese, the whey is often discarded and put to little use. Ryan has spent the last two years discovering how to turn the complex sugars held within the whey protein and convert them into a basic sugars to then ferment into alcohol and eventually distil. The resulting distillate has a delicately sweet bouquet and extremely smooth finish, thanks to the dairy influence and traditional aging methods.


Timboon Railway Shed Distillery

Timboon Railway Shed Distillery has have been inspired by local illicit distilling folklore, to make Timboon famous once again for its high quality whisky, and this time all above board. On any given day the Still will be bubbling, steaming and producing spirit behind protective glass for all to see. The whisky is a single malt, distilled in a pot still, using malted barley as the only grain ingredient. And is made to the same time honoured traditions of the great single malts of Scotland and the Isles.



Hellyers Road Distillery

The story of Hellyers Road begins near a town called Burnie, which is in a corner of the world more accustomed to building things, growing things and milking things. Winding up and above from this town is a road. This road was once a trail. The trail was once bush - bush that in 1827 was carved out by Henry Hellyer, an explorer and cartographer who, according to local legend, had little more than a bullock gang and the most basic of tools. Today, this road once named in his honour is home to a whisky distillery now named in his honour. And it was founded by a group of dairy farmers. 

These dairy farmers knew their environment was perfect for sourcing ingredients of purity and quality. And like Henry Hellyer, they too had the patience and tenacity to persevere. Hellyers Road Distillery produce whiskies of international award winning quality. And along the way have become one of Australia's biggest selling locally crafted whisky. The Hellyers Road story is one of foresight, determination and dedication, inspired by Henry's spirit to create a whisky that captures the very taste and character of Tasmania.


Belgrove Distillery Handcrafted Whisky

Belgrove Distillery Handcrafted Whisky

We're proud to showcase Belgrove Distillery founded by Peter Bignell, sixth generation Tasmanian farmer. Belgrove Distillery is not only the first rye distillery in Australia but is the only biodiesel powered still in the world. These whiskies are all hand made using an alembic pot still. This type of still is very inefficient at extracting alcohol, but craft distillers exploit that inefficiency to bring exciting flavours along with the alcohol. All their production decisions are based on flavour and nose, not volume. Rye is also a low yielding grain compared to barley, It also yields less alcohol, but it produces a huge amount of flavour.