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Kingston Public is a cosy, chic oasis perfect for a light meal or relaxed session. Sample our curated menu of small-batch wines, boutique spirits and craft brews with tasty share plates from our kitchen. Local and international DJs serve up music you love alongside rare tunes you can’t hear on Spotify. Read more about us…



Mon-Sat 4pm to midnight
Sun 2pm to 10pm


(02) 8084 4140


62-64 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042



We are one of a few bars in Australia doing the first pour with Australian spirits, where available. Archie Rose vodka and whisky, Poltergeist Gin from Shane Distillery, and Old River Rum from Hoochery Distillery. We also stock an intriguing range of boutique Australian and rare international spirits. Browse our selection below or learn more about the history and culture behind your favourite tipple.


Early bird hour

From 4pm–7pm you can enjoy 30% off your entire food & drink bill.
And you'll get a further 20% off our special spirit on Liquid Nights.
Membership card is not valid during Early Bird Hour.

Liquid Events

Redefining Happy Hour. Special pricing all night on our featured spirit and special cocktail. 

Monday Gin Night 20% off all back bar Gin, $12 Gin cocktail
Tequila Tuesday 20% off all back bar Tequila $12 Tequila cocktail
Whisky Wednesdays 20% off all back bar Whisky's, $12 Whisky cocktail
Rum Thursday 20% off all back bar Rum $12 Rum cocktail
Bloody Mary Sunday's "Bender Mender" $10 Bloody Mary's


Belgrove's handcrafted Rye and Oat Whiskys.

Belgrove's handcrafted Rye and Oat Whiskys.


Kingston Public is on a mission to become Newtown's best collector of rare and premium spirits. In addition to a growing selection of local and international quality spirits we have been coaxing out the best kept secrets from Australia's boutique distilleries. These whiskeys are top shelf in every sense of the word. Handcrafted, rare examples of Australian ingenuity. Many bottles are from very small runs, handmade, or last of a kind. For those serious spirit connoisseurs who enjoy a touch of water, we now have Tasmania's Cape Grim natural water. 

This week we're proud to showcase Belgrove Distillery founded by Peter Bignell, sixth generation Tasmanian farmer. Belgrove Distillery is not only the first rye distillery in Australia but is the only biodiesel powered still in the world. These whiskies are all hand made using an alembic pot still. This type of still is very inefficient at extracting alcohol, but craft distillers exploit that inefficiency to bring exciting flavours along with the alcohol. All their production decisions are based on flavour and nose, not volume. Rye is also a low yielding grain compared to barley, It also yields less alcohol, but it produces a huge amount of flavour. 



Vintage funk, hip-hop, disco and rare-groove vinyl along with with tunes you’ve never heard before, but wish you had. To stay in the loop simply subscribe to our email updates or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.



Chef Matteo Prati, who has worked in European Michelin Star restaurants, has teamed up with passionate new owner Gigi to develop an exciting new menu, focused on great quality produce. We source the highest quality ingredients – such  as Wrights fine meats, Grain organic bread, and Tasmania's Grandvewe cheese.


Call (02) 8084 4140 or contact us below us. 
Reservations required for parties of 6 or more.

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